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Seychal-Mills is Vincent Verselle’s solo project, which began to take shape in 2003 after several years of collaboration in various pop and post-rock bands. Seychal-Mills explores other directions, drawing mainly on the resources of electronica, to produce pieces that are half-electronic, half-organic, small sound constructions that are at once complex, fragile and simple.

While remaining pop, Seychal-Mills’ music also draws on forms from jazz and contemporary classical music, such as polyrhythms, the creation of atmosphere through the repetition and interweaving of melodic motifs rather than through respect for tonality, and the use of almost mathematical formulas. Concrete music is another source of inspiration, notably in the context of an LP released in 2017, entitled Film(is)music and articulated around pieces entirely built from sound material of 1960s film soundtracks. In addition to this LP, two other records have been released before, an EP in 2003 and an album entitled Dandelions in 2007. A third LP has been released in 2023, which adds a little bit of ambient to this sound palette: Blurs.

Seychal-Mills has also participated in several collective projects or compilations; he notably worked within the “super group” Vote for my Electronic Band, bringing together several bands from the French-speaking part of Switzerland for a performance given during the “Nuit des musées” in 2007. In 2008, he made Godard “resonate” at the Bourg (Lausanne) by proposing original music for scenes from Pierrot le fou, during the festival “Godard projeté”. More recently, he collaborated with the Swiss artist Claudia Renna to give shape to a video installation (Medusa transit, 2017).

Finally, since 2008, Vincent Verselle has also been a drummer in the post-prog-pop trio Talc, which produced a first album in 2013, and released a second one in 2021. He also collaborates with guitarist Stéphane Favre to form the ambient-noise duo Spiral Scratch.